Priority axis no. 3

Key area of intervention no. 3.3

Title: "Romanian and Bulgarian Youth Cooperation Through Art and Tradition"

Lead Partner (name/country): Cultural Association “Grand Show”, Romania

Number of partners: 3

Project Location(s): Constanta county, Romania/Silistra district, Bulgaria

Total Value: 200.851,24 EURO


Project Objectives: - General objective: to build sustainable cooperation between Constanta-Silistra cross border communities, through youth acknowledgement of cultural and social characteristics of the area;

                                - Specific objective: to strengthen social and cultural coherence in Constanta- Silistra cross border area, through youth cultural exchanges and linkages.


Project Activities: - Information and cooperation of young people on common cross border traditions and history;

                             - Educational activities in cross border art and traditions;

                             - Educational activities in cross border common history;

                             - Common Folk Traditions Festival;

                             - Visibility, promotion and management activities;


Project Results: - 2 educational camps (1 in RO, 1 in BG; 40 part.);

                          - 1 Visual art Camp (RO; 20 part);

                          - 1 Common History Camp in RO (RO, 20 part);

                          - 2 Thematic debates (1 in RO and 1 in BG; 40 part);

                          - 1 Informational meeting for youth "Advantages of common history and traditions in cross border area" (RO; 20 part.);

                          - 1 Common Folk Traditions Festival (RO, 40 part);

                          - 1 Guide "Romania and Bulgaria- European Union members states: opportunities for personal and professional development of young people"(400 copies);

                          - 1 brochure "Tourist routes for young people in Constanta-Silistra cross  border area" (400 copies);

                          - 1 Film for promoting cultural and artistic cooperation among youth;

                          - 1 Film for promoting historical heritage in Constanta-Silistra.


Target Groups: 180 young people from Constanta- Silistra cross border area (ages 15-35 years old)


Duration of implementation (months): 12 months